Virtuemart Offers Modules Components And Plugins That You Can Use For Your Shop

How Virtuemart Differs From Other Open-source E-commerce Solutions

If you have heard of Virtuemart before you probably already know that it is an e-commerce solution available as an open-source system for interested online users. However, what you may not have known is that it is actually meant to be used with the Joomla! Content Management System. The two are meant to be used together because they are both based on PHP programming which makes them adaptable for use within a PHP/MySQL Environment. Virtuemart’s other claim to fame is that more e-commerce websites rely on it compared to popular e-commerce solutions like OpenCart, PrestaShop, an osCommerce. If you wish assistance in migrating to the Virtuemart system, you can always ask CDOTT for their input.
To migrate to Virtuemart you will need at least Joomla! 1.5 version, PHP version 5.2 and version 5.3, and of course MySQL 5. Virtuemart itself has over 500 features that may make your online business stronger and more active by helping you generate more sales. Virtuemart offers modules, templates, components and plugins that you can use for your Virtuemart shop. Because Virtuemart works for the hand in glove with Joomla! you may use the Joomla! plugins for coupons, payments, shipments, computing procedures, and even custom product fields.
Virtuemart will accommodate your SEO requirements by supplying necessary meta tags, nested categories and offer the right description plus multiple media. Product descriptions can be short or long and will give the correct size and weight dimensions of the product being sold. Related products will also be offered as well as ratings and reviews that may influence the buying decision of your customers. Naturally, pricing is a very important consideration for your shopping audience so that too is provided with pricing, price display, payments, and shipments based on shopper groups. Interestingly, Virtuemart can help you compute the right payment based on the currency your customer prefers to use.
Of course, no e-commerce solution would be worth acquiring if it did not help you keep track of your product inventory. Virtuemart can help you monitor stocking or inventory, alert you when stocks are running low, and even give data about the virtual stock (which are products that were ordered but remain with you because the customer did not buy them).
All these features are important but could be a bit overwhelming to apply to your business. If you think you need a more experienced hand to guide you then consider hiring CDOTT to ease the way for you.